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Beach cleanups are scheduled for the following dates weather permitting.  Our regular check in time is 10am. Groups will be assigned a check in time. 


2021 Beach clean up dates:  August 28. September 10, 17 California Coastal Cleanup Day, 25. October 9 & 22. November 12 & 27. December 10 & 18. 


1. Signed waiver: All volunteers must bring a signed waiver to the clean up at your assigned time. Volunteers under 18 must have a parent or guardian's signature. Please submit your information to register as a volunteer.  We will contact you and email you a waiver.  Bring your printed & signed waiver to the cleanup at your registration time. You must be pre-registered to participated in the clean up.   

2. Water bottle & snacks to keep you hydrated.

Eco-Friendly Ideas for Reducing Trash When Volunteering

Bring recyclable/reusable containers for trash collection such as a:

     reusable bucket

     washable 5 gallon bucket

     reused plastic shopping bag

As containers are filled dump them into a central collection site, trash can or large trash bag.  The containers can be recycled after the cleanup.

Kitty litter scoopers for a hands free way to grab the trash & leave the sand behind.

"If you are not able to bring reusable cleanup supplies, single-use supplies will be provided for you at dog beach."


closed-toed shoes


a hat

an extra layer, like a sweater or a jacket in case it is cold.  Be prepared to be outside in potentially changing weather for at least 2 hours.


Who: Everyone can participate in dog beach cleanups no matter what age.

When: Plan to arrive at your scheduled time 10-15 minutes early for the check in.  Allow yourself extra time to find parking.

Where: Check in with your waiver forms at our Tower 24 shed. 

When: You will have an assigned check in time given to you when you register for the cleanup. Allow up to 30 minutes for parking.

If a clean up is canceled you will be notified via email. Sudden changes in weather can cause last minute cancellations. Please check your email before traveling to the clean up.